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What difference your support will make?

Your donation will help to improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries who need our joint support.
We are passionate and committed to helping the most vulnerable members of our community; however our work would be impossible without your generous support. It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is! Our beneficiaries live in isolation and are socially excluded. They live in poverty, sickness and distress with an income that barely covers their daily expenses.

Cuts in public services, economic downturn and increased energy prices have had a detrimental impact on their lives. As a result they can no longer afford even a small contribution towards the costs of some of the activities (exercise and educational classes or participation in social club activity and events) that we organise for them in order to keep them independent, healthy, active and happier, thus enabling them to live longer. Their limited means makes them embarrassed and, as a result, they withdraw from the community and are more isolated and lonely.

Isolation and loneliness, for any person, has an enormous negative impact, especially on our beneficiaries, who are already physically and mentally disabled as result of horrendous war experiences. They are socially excluded and unable to participate in civic life due to learning difficulties and language barriers. In their isolation and loneliness they are left to live with the memories of the most hurtful events of war and re-experience feelings as though events are happening again.

Together we can make positive differences to the lives of our beneficiaries. We want to let you know what sort of difference by telling you Ms B’s Story.

Ms B’s Story

“Ms B is 60 years old. Before she joined BHCAC she had been living in extreme isolation, without any friends or family in the UK. Ms B is diagnosed with chronic mental health problems. Her self-esteem was very low, and her physical health was jeopardised by a lack of any physical activities. As a BHCAC beneficiary she was encouraged to join the activities we organised. Some of them she could not attend continuously due to her mental health problems, but she was regular in Fitness and IT classes which helped her maintain more regular contact with her family abroad. Regular exercises made her feel healthier and more physically active. She regularly attends our Social Club, where she has formed many friendships which reduced her sense of isolation and solitude.

Because she was more fluent in English than most other beneficiaries, she started volunteering in our Fitness classes by assisting her peers. This activity boosted her confidence and significantly increased her self-esteem by being able to contribute to society. She says that she feels much happier now and that her mental and physical health has improved. For us she said:

“BHCAC is everything to me; my family and my friends”

Together we can improve the lives of people in need, provide them with an opportunity and support just like we did with Ms B who in return helps others. Let us continue to support each other for the benefit of society. Please do not let the chain break. Make a Donation.