Group Talking Therapies



Group Talking Therapies sessions provide beneficiaries with opportunities for social interaction and to foster new friendships and familiarity with others. They are specifically tailored to benefit the most disadvantages members of our community. Specifically, members who do not attend our social club, but whom we wish to see more socially active and less isolated.


Group Talking Therapies differs from our social club by the fact that it is tailor made to address an identified need, namely therapy – which is delivered by a qualified professional.

The use of talking group therapy will allow the group to work collaboratively with a therapist to develop skills to identify and target negative thinking, how to relate to others and how to change one’s behaviour to overcome difficulties.

Talking therapy sessions is a solution-focused therapy aimed at helping beneficiaries to overcome emotional difficulties. The actual content focuses on providing therapy to individuals in a group setting. The benefit of using this form of therapy is that it is seen as a group activity rather than individual therapy thus reduces any prejudices associated with mental health and individual therapy.

Many of the beneficiaries have similar background and find themselves in similar situations today;

  • most have experienced and survived a war,
  • suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and / or Depression,
  • speak very little or/ no English,
  • most are isolated, and
  • feel their own experience is unique to them.

The Talking Therapies is a very effective and innovative way of focusing on taking proactive steps in becoming more socially active and less isolated.

  • Saturdays, between 14.00-16.00 hours, at Rear of 108 Willesden High Road, London, NW10 2PP.

To join the Talking Therapies group please call 020 8459 4201.