Our Beneficiaries


BHCAC beneficiaries are older and/or disabled Londoners from the West Balkans region. They come from different ethnic communities of former Yugoslavia; Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. 75% of beneficiaries are older and 85% are physically and/or mentally affected as a result of the brutal Yugoslav war (1991-2001) that targeted innocent civilians.

Many were emergency medical evacuees to the UK. The psychological scars of horrendous war experience are made worse by the fact that many of the beneficiaries are isolated and socially excluded.

They are in financial and/or personal crises due to one or more difficulties; long-term medical conditions and unemployment, low income, family breakdown, marginalisation, low levels of English, and lack of information, numeracy and literacy skills. Our beneficiaries need opportunities and targeted, culturally and linguistically appropriate support, to overcome these barriers and improve their overall quality of life.